ASUS Already Working on Second-Gen ZenWatch with Voice-Calling Support

ASUS ZenWatch 03


The ASUS ZenWatch is one of the best-looking Android Wear watches on the market and it’s also an example of a watch that’s not round, yet still good-looking. While the watch might have been on shelves for less than three months now, the Taiwanese giant is already looking ahead, with a second-generation already in the works. This is hardly surprising, and considering the next version of the watch isn’t slated to be launched until the third-quarter of next year, new buyers have nothing to worry about. The news of a new ZenWatch in the works also comes with the news that ASUS is working on other wearables to be launched next year, too.

As FocusTaiwan is reporting, ASUS’ CEO Jerry Shen told those at the Taiwanese launch of the ZenWatch that a second version is in the works. This second-generation model will be launched during the third-quarter of next year and feature voice calling capabilities. Right now, Android Wear watches ship with microphones, but not speakers, making them unable to hold phone calls. This new model that ASUS is working on could be a sign of things to come for Android Wear, either that or that ASUS is keen to compete with the likes of the Gear S from Samsung.

Other than that, there was talk of fitness-focused wearables to be launched next year as well. These will apparently cost quite a lot less than the ZenWatch does and they’ll feature the usual activity tracking features as well as the ability to check blood sugar levels and more. ASUS will apparently launch two of these wrist-mounted wearables next year, in order to compete with practically everyone else. It’s interesting to hear what ASUS intends to do next year when it comes to wearable technology. The ZenWatch is, to me, a better looking watch than the Moto 360 and G Watch R and with more competition in the fitness tracker market should come new innovative features and perhaps more emphasis on creating good-looking hardware.