Aspyr Media Releases Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic Onto Android

If you grew up playing PC games in the 90's and the early 2000's, there is a chance you have probably played Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic. It's a role playing game that takes you out of your movie seat and places you right in the shoes of a Jedi on a quest to save the republic from the Sith in an all out ruthless battle. The story is set 4 thousand years before the galactic empire and you're the republic's only hope. Somehow I could probably fit in a cheesy obi wan reference here, but I won't put you through that.

First things first, Knights of The Old republic is a massive game as the developers state the game hasn't been scaled down for Android in any way. As such, you'll need to make sure you have at least 3GB of space(the file size of the game is 2.5GB but you'll want some extra for any other storage you might use)and they stress to be patient since downloading could take a little while. The game has everything you may remember about the original version if you played it, like over 40 different force powers to learn and the ability to build your very own lightsaber. This was one of my favorite traits as I enjoyed building a lightsaber most of all for some reason. I call mine Mr. Jenkins, but I digress.

You've also got the ability to play nine different customizable characters, and you can travel the galaxy across eight massive worlds including Tatooine and the wookie homeworld Kashyyyk. Devs state that the interface has been streamlined and optimized for play on touch screens, but they do also offer full HID gamepad support so you can play with a controller if you have the means. Right now the game costs $4.99 which is a pretty good price, and we should like to point out that this is a 50% off launch sale of the title, so eventually it'll jump to $9.99. What we're saying is pick this up immediately if you're even remotely considering it because you'll save money. Anyone grabbing this? Don't you enjoy being a Jedi?

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