Another Galaxy S6 AnTuTu Listing Appeared Touting A Different Camera Sensor This Time Around

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Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the most expected devices of 2015, that’s a fact, no matter whether you like Samsung’s products or not. Year after year we’re seeing tons of Galaxy S6 leaks and rumors before the device actually launches in February – March timeframe, this year is no different. We’ve seen a bunch of leaks already, including an AnTuTu benchmarks leak which popped up about a week ago and now we get yet another such leak, again from AnTuTu. The two specs list are almost the same, but there are some differences which are worth mentioning here, so, let’s see what’s what.

According to this listing, the device will ship with a Quad HD (2560 x 1440) display, this will of course ship with one of Samsung’s AMOLED display, most probably the same Super AMOLED panel that was included in the Note 4, but smaller in size, of course. The size of the display wasn’t mentioned here, but let’s assume it will be a 5.5-inch panel, at least that’s the size the first AnTuTu leak pointed at. Moving on, the listed processor runs 8 cores on the inside with ARMv8 instructions set and a Mali-T768 GPU. The exact model of the processor wasn’t mentioned here, but this could actually be Samsung’s upcoming Exynos 7420 chip, a 64-bit processor clocked at 1.8GHz which is manufactured with the 20nm process. Don’t exclude a tri-band LTE Cat.10 model capability either, though it may take some time for Samsung to make that happen.

Now we get to the most interesting part and the main difference between the two listings. This listing actually touts a 16-megapixel snapper while the previous AnTuTu information claimed Samsung will include a 20-megapixel shooter here. It could go either way, though I guess Samsung would want to increase the pixel count here, but who knows. Android 5.0 is of course also mentioned and this handset is expected to sport the newest Android version from the get-go. That’s it, it is worth mentioning that previous rumors have been saying that Samsung might experiment even further and actually introduce a version of this handset with a dual-edged display, though that’s a bit far-fetched at this moment. Samsung is expected to release this handset in February or March 2015, so there’s plenty time left until the company actually unveils this thing.