Animated Weather Effects Added To Yahoo Weather Via Today's Update

yahoo weather

Looking for a little more punchiness to your weather app’s look? In that case, Yahoo is banking on today’s update of the Yahoo Weather app to bring you to the table and give their weather app and service a try. Yahoo’s weather app was featured on the top apps of 2014 by Google itself and for very good reason.  Yahoo’s weather app isn’t just a highly functional weather app, it’s also a very beautiful one too. Using modern design language, albeit not Material Design, Yahoo’s weather app stands alone visually and presents you with an easy-to-navigate sliding interface where you can easily manage multiple cities and locations with just a slide to the left or right on the main screen.

Today’s update adds animated weather to the screen for some specific weather conditions. Fog, rain, snow, frost, heat and lightning made the list this time around and they all come together to make this already beautiful app even more beautiful. The best part about these new animations are that they aren’t too static or too in your face, rather a subtle reminder of the kind of weather you’re about to deal with when you leave the building. Snowflakes will gently glide down the screen when it’s snowing outside, frost will slowly creep up the corners of the glass if it’s just plain chilly, and lightning will flash across the sky when the storms are beating down your roof. Yahoo has a little demo for you in the 15 second trailer for you below, so check it out before you grab the app or the update if you’re already a happy Yahoo Weather customer.

On our podcast about a month ago we had the one and only JBQ, and our own Jeremiah Nelson was able to conduct a thorough interview with the man himself. JBQ came from Google and is now the director of all of Yahoo’s mobile apps, ensuring that each one of them hits a quality standard before it gets to us, the users. Yahoo has a bunch of other really great apps like Yahoo News Digest that curate the day’s news for you and presents you with the most relevant news just for you. Then there’s also Aviate, a launcher that changes depending on your location and what you’re up to, and even learns the apps that you frequently use in various locations to give you a better, quicker and more simplified experience to launching the apps you use every day. Check out all of Yahoo’s apps at the Google Play Store link below!