Android Headliner: What Would You Like To See From Smartphones In 2015?


Every year we see the latest and greatest come from all our favorite and top manufacturers, what they have to offer in their upcoming smartphone and tablet lineups, and every year we seem to demand just a little bit more. Even though some of us can't keep up with the rate of speed technology gets put out, just the same technology seems to have trouble keeping up with what we have as expectations. In any case, 2015 is nearly here and CES 2015 is just around the corner. We're undoubtedly going to see some new and fresh smartphones get shown off at the most important electronics show of the year, and we'd like to know what you want to see from smartphones this year. Is a bigger battery a must have from your OEM of choice this time around? Do want a brighter, more vibrant display? Are you all about the top of the line processors?

Whatever you most look forward to when you start shopping for a new smartphone, for some of us, no matter what we get there will still be a couple key things we wish would have been just a little bit better. Let's start things off with batteries, as this seems to be an ongoing topic when it comes to which smartphones we should all consider. Batteries have gotten ten times better than they have in the past few years, but even as good as they are on devices like the DROID Turbo, some people surely have no problem purging nearly all their battery life in a day, or come close to it. Do you want to see bigger and more efficient smartphone batteries in 2015? Or are you completely satisfied with the battery on the device you have chosen?


Cameras are another hot topic when it comes to the specs on a smartphone, and why shouldn't they be? We have our smartphones on us nearly every single day, and just about everywhere we go, and they say the best camera is the one you have on you. So, it's only natural that we should want a great camera on a mobile device that is always in either our hands or our pockets. It could be quite a while before smartphone cameras are able to catch up to the likes of professional cameras, if that ever happens, but that shouldn't stop OEMs from trying to get as close as possible. While we have seen some OEMs like Sony, Motorola, and Meizu,(even Samsung with the Note 4 camera)come out of the gate with strong device cameras this year, are you hoping to see something truly amazing in the camera department from 2015 smartphones?

More memory and processors are certainly one of the areas where some manufacturers could improve here. While many phones still have the option to add an SD card for storage expansion, for apps and games users are still limited to the onboard storage as Kit Kat had gotten rid of the capability to move apps to the SD card without root access, which the majority of users aren't going to be attempting. This is a reason why OEM's need to get rid of the 16GB option on top flagships and offer 32GB models and above while leaving the microSD card slot. If you use a lot of apps and especially games which can reach sizes of 3GB or more, 16GB of internal storage is just not enough. What about processors and RAM?some phones this year were still stuck on 2GB of RAM while others made the jump to 3GB, and some OEMs opted for the Snapdragon 801 instead of the Snapdragon 805 when they had the option. In 2015 are you hoping to see higher internal storage amounts along with more RAM and the most up to date processor?

What about screen resolution, body makeup, and other things like foldable displays? What about cheaper prices? Personally, I think we'd all love to see cheaper prices but in my personal experience, you get what you pay for when it comes to electronics, and while this is something that companies like Motorola and OnePlus have shown doesn't have to be the case, who knows whether or not other OEMs will follow in their footsteps. What about the body materials for devices? With HTC's utilization of metal since the One, it seems that all metal bodies have become the new thing to want, yet most OEMs are still not producing phones with metal bodies. Are you wanting more phones with metal bodies in the new year? or are you happy with the current setups that manufacturers are using? Is a foldable display really something you want to see from your smartphone? Would something like that help you in the long run, or would you see it as just a gimmicky trait? What about screen resolution? It might be a while before we see 4K displays on smartphones, but it's nice to dream and hope for that next year isn't it? One thing that is within reach is 2K displays. Would you like to see more manufacturers use 2K displays in 2015?


There's definitely going to be some new and exciting stuff we see from smartphones in the new year, but what would draw your attention the most? Surely, some specifications would interest you more than others, or perhaps you want it all. Drop us a line in the comments and cast your vote in the poll. Let us know what you want to see from smartphones this coming year.

What Do You Want To See From Smartphones In 2015?
Bigger Batteries
More RAM
4K/2K Displays On Phones
More Internal Memory
Better Cameras
Cheaper Prices
Metal Bodies
Foldable Displays
Better Processors
All Of The Above

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