Android Headliner: Dear Sony, Please Don't Announce the Xperia Z4 at CES


We're approaching the end of the year, and you know what that means. CES leaks. CES is that first week after the new year. This year it all starts on January 5th with the press day. We know that Sony has a  press conference on Monday afternoon in Las Vegas, as they normally do. But what are they going to announce? Well last year it was the Xperia Z1s for T-Mobile and a few other things like the Smartband, and some cameras, etc.

The rumor mill this year is telling us that we might see the Xperia Z4 family of devices being announced at CES. I'm not confident on that rumor, but it wouldn't surprise me, knowing Sony. So here's what I'm saying, Sony, please don't announce the Xperia Z4 at CES. Even if it's not coming out til the summer, it'll cannibalize your sales of the Xperia Z3, Xperia Z3 Compact and the Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact. And when you're already struggling to make money in the mobile world, that's not a good thing. Also, the Xperia Z3 only just came out a couple of months ago. It's just too early for an Xperia Z4. I think even Mobile World Congress is too early, but it'll be better then at CES.


So instead of releasing the successor to your latest flagship every few  months, let it sit for a while. You make great smartphones, I've loved the Xperia Z, Xperia Z1s, Xperia Z3v and Xperia Z3. But when you're announcing them every few months, it's keeping people from buying them because they know a new one is coming in another month or two. So it's hurting your business more then helping.

Right now, we are looking at the Xperia Z4, Xperia Z4 Compact, Xperia Z4 Ultra, and a few tablets coming from Sony as well pretty soon. Which I think would be more suited for Mobile World Congress anyways since it's a more mobile-centric show then CES is. While I'd rather see Sony announce it all at IFA in September, that's not going to happen. Not with the amount of leaks we've seen lately. How many of you would rather see Sony release their flagships every 8-10 months instead of every 6 months or less? Let us know in the comments below.

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