Android Game Of The Week: Shadowrun Dragonfall

Last year, Harebrained Schemes launched the reboot of the popular PC game Shadowrun, called Shadowrun Returns, a turns based strategy RPG set in a cyber punk world filled with magic, corporate espionage, and tons of weaponry. The game was set in Seattle in the not too distant future and offered up some awesome gameplay to any and all RPG lovers. Their latest title, which hit Steam on PC earlier this year, called Shadowrun Dragonfall launched onto the Play Store just yesterday and carries the torch with even more strategy turn based combat, weapons, upgradeable skills and characters, and some awesome looking visuals in a whole brand new setting.

This is a complete standalone sequel with hours and hours of gameplay, so don't think of it like an expansion with just a couple new missions. It's the year 2054 in Berlin, and unchecked advances in the world of technology have blurred the line between man and machine. Shadowrun Dragonfall has all of the tactical turn-based action of the first game, and plenty of deep engagement from the narrative and some well placed jokes to give you a chuckle here and there. The campaign spans a massive 20+ hours, which is more than we can say for most games on the Play Store. Newcomers to the Shadowrun series will find this easy enough to get into, while players who have already experienced the world of Shadowrun Returns will find all the familiar things they love, plus more, inside the realm of Shadowrun Dragonfall.

There's over 200 different weapons to equip making for quite a wide selection for your arsenal, and those who like things a little more tailored and in-depth will love the skill based character progression. If you love cyberpunk themed stuff, this is the game for you. The best part is that Shadowrun Dragonfall is about half of the cost of Shadowrun Returns when it first launched back in 2013. If you can spare the $6.99, you shouldn't be disappointed by what you're letting it go for and can be sure that this will be a game investment you'll be sinking a good amount of time into. You can grab Shadowrun Dragonfall at the download link in the Play Store here.

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