Android Game Of The Week: Run Sackboy! Run!

An endless runner is an endless runner is an endless runner, right? To some degree, yes. Each tends to have their own elements though and unique little quirks that make it somewhat original. The characters are one way of doing this obviously, as certain characters might make you feel more engaged than others. It seems trivial, but think about it for a second. Wouldn't you be more inclined to feel immersed or engaged in an endless runner title with a character from a game you might have played before? Enter Run Sackboy! Run! This is an endless runner/platformer starring the popular main character from Playstation's Little Big Planet series, Sackboy.

Like many endless runners, whether they take on a behind the character view or side scroll like in this game, you'll be attempting to run as far as you can while dodging obstacles and usually collecting some form of in game currency like gold coins. This is technically no different here in Run Sackboy! Run! as you'll be attempting to escape a giant monster thing with massive gnashing teeth,(that's why you're running, or rather what you're running from)and as you run you'll be able to collect these tiny little bubbles which are used to purchase all manner of items from the home menu, like boosts, extra lives, and even costumes for sackboy(some of which I have inserted for you to check out in the gallery below)to use in game. The costumes also increase your multiplier as well as your upgrades. One really cool thing about Run Sackboy! Run! is that the worlds you run in are ever changing, hand crafted masterpieces. The environments are gorgeous and they change after a certain distance in each level.

During play you'll be able to collect just about anything you could buy with the bubbles(seriously, why can't we use bubbles as currency? I'd be a billionaire by now)as you can collect boosts, and extra lives if you come across them, and you'll periodically find stickers which you can use to unlock special rewards which could possibly be costumes or other items. There's also powerups and item upgrades, like a glider. A GLIDER! While the extra items may come in handy for nearly escaping certain doom, you can skate by just from using the couple abilities you immediately have at your disposal, like high jumping(tapping on screen and holding)which you'll need to destroy baddies and dashing(swiping on screen to the right)which is imperative if you end up landing in those pesky pools of pink goo. Add in the other charming characters you cross paths with as you run and the cheery upbeat music, this is one of the best endless runners/platformers I have ever played and had the most fun with. You can check it out for free(which I highly recommend)from the Play Store in the source link.

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