Android Game Of The Week: Beast Busters

Having grown up playing games like House of The Dead in my favorite local arcade as a kid, I have an appreciation for shooters like Beast Busters. Arcades were also popular hot spots for the NeoGeo machines which often held some of the greatest games from SNK Playmore, who you might remember fondly as the creators of awesome titles like King of Fighters and Metal Slug. Their latest game to hit mobile is Beast Busters, a horror based shooter that takes you through tons of stages of enemies as a member of the elite Beast Busters squad to take out the encroaching hordes of zombies.

This mobile title is actually a mashup as well, as they have introduced a couple of playable characters with special and unique skills and abilities from the King of Fighters series. Controls are easy to get used to with a virtual d-pad that lets you take aim and move your cursor, and to attack all you have to do is tap the screen once you have what you're aiming for in your sights. As you progress through each stage which each have three difficulties and an assortment of quests or achievements you'll want to complete for extra bonuses and points, your character will also level up by gaining experience which will also net you rewards of new skills to help your attacks and overall abilities.

You can also collect useable items like grenades and health packs to refill your life or deal out massive damage, and you can gather a unique item called power cores which you can fuse to your character either before or after combining them together for more powerful attributes which boosts your player with additional stats. There are over 100 fighter cores in the game, some which provide you with special attacks others that just enhance your character. You can play the game single player or you can join forces with your friends and play Beast Busters in Co-Op mode and have fun with others. Besides being a ridiculously awesome shooter game, there is a pretty cool metal soundtrack to enjoy while you play which kind of amps you up. Beast Busters is free with IAP but they don't feel nagging or required. Simply play and have fun without spending a dime, although to use the KoF characters you may have to purchase some of the in game currency known as medals, the KoF characters aren't needed though.

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