Android Game News Weekly 12/28/2014: Bravely Archive D's Report, Transformers: Robots In Disguise, Dead Trigger 2, Knights Of The Old Republic, Gangstar Vegas

Bravely Archive D's Report Is Coming To Android In Japan

Square Enix is due to launch a a game from one of their popular portable franchises on Android next month, called Bravely Archive D's Report, but only for Japan at this time. Bravely Archive D's Report comes from the same series as Bravely Default and Bravely Second, both RPG titles for the Nintendo 3DS, and will feature turn based combat in a setting that is a couple hundred years the events from Bravely Default and Bravely Second. Commands and attacks will make use of the touchscreen since this will be for mobile devices, and there are going to be 30 different jobs gamers will be able to sink their teeth into. If you're a fan of the Bravely series, cross your fingers this gets a release on U.S. shores.

Transformers: Robots In Disguise Comes To Android

Hasbro has launched a Transformers game onto Android this past week on Christmas Eve, titled Transformers: Robots In Disguise, a new adventure game that should bring you all the joy you had from watching the animated series as a kid, except instead of simply watching the cartoon you get to play the characters. This adventure game features tag team gameplay which allows you to pick an Autobot to accompany Bumblebee and thwart the plans of the Deceptacons. You can customize your character with new weapons and boosts, by collecting power modules during play, and you can transform into vehicle mode and smash into enemies. Hasbro has also stated that their will be more characters coming next year in future updates, which you'll be able to unlock and collect. You can grab Transformers: Robots in Disguise now for free from the Play Store.


Dead Trigger 2 Gets Christmas Update

Last week, to help usher in the celebration of Christmas, Madfinger Games released a Christmas update for Dead Trigger 2, bringing in new content including new weapons, new storyline content, and you'll find(appropriately)zombies and other fiendishly evil undead things sporting some holiday cheer throughout the game. If you're a weapons collector freak, you'll enjoy slicing and dicing with the addition of the Katana, and you wreak havoc with the AK-47 and Butterfly, which actually isn't new, as this was a set of swords that were offered in the game much earlier on, so perhaps they took them out of the game and brought them back? In any case, if you're still playing Dead Trigger 2, get your hands on the latest update or pick up this game for the first time and check it out.


Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic Comes To Android

In case you missed it earlier on last week, Aspyr Media has launched Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic onto the Play Store in its entirety, meaning the full game experience is included and hasn't been watered down. As such, this is a massive game and takes up a bunch of space so make sure to have about 3GB of storage available.(The game takes up about 2.6GB)You'll be able to learn 40 different force powers and even build your very own light saber, and believe me there's plenty of hours of gameplay included here so if you're looking for a game that will take up some of your time over the next month at least, this is it. You can grab it for $4.99 on sale right now. 

Gangstar Vegas Gets Update Making It Free To Play

Gameloft has updated their popular Gangstar Vegas title, and it is now free-to-play. Gangstar is Gameloft's game franchise that is modeled after Grand Theft Auto, and has an immersive open world experience of missions, car collection, weaponry and general "bad assitude."So far that's about all we could see that was new in this update, and if you haven't checked the game out yet, now you can without having to hit your pocket book.

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