Android Game news Weekly 12/21/14: Exiles, SimCity Build It, Lords of The Fallen, Monument Valley, 80 Days


Crescent Moon Games Releases Open World Sci-Fi Game ExilesExiles

Crescent Moon Games is known for some really great game titles on mobile, most notably their open world RPG's Aralon Sword and Shadow and Ravensowrd: Shadowlands. While not following along the same franchise as those two games, their most recent title to hit the Play Store this past week called Exiles, is a vastly open world Sci-Fi third person shooter/RPG that has plenty of story and depth like you'd expect from an RPG mized with the action of shooter. This was introduced in Alpha form back with the most recent Humble Mobile Bundle, and it can now be picked up through Google play for $6.99. Gamers will enjoy rich visuals and some pretty compelling content with Exiles, and the game should provide a decent amount of gameplay. If you need a new game for this week through the holidays, give Exiles a try.

Exiles(Play Store)


SimCity Build It Launches Globally On The Play StoreSimCity Build It

EA's latest SimCity title called SimCity Build It has left the region-locked soft launch that it started last month and is now available for all to download via the Play Store. SimCity Build It offers vivid 3D graphics, for a realistic builder experience. It's your job to build a bustling city and keep the residents happy by solving real city challenges like fire, traffic and pollution. You can take things social and trade resources with friends, other online players and their cities. You can also complete challenges that will allow you to specialize your city, and there are even unlockable buildings like Big Ben and the Arc de Triomphe. SimCity Built It is free if you're ready to build a city your inhabitants are proud to call their home.

SimCity Build It(Play Store)

Lords Of The Fallen RPG Coming To Android In 2015Lords of the Fallen

If you play games on a current gen console or PC, you may have heard of the acclaimed fantasy RPG Lords of The Fallen that came out earlier this year. It's not an old game but rather quite new, and the graphics look pretty stunning on consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One, and we can only imagine how great they look on a tuned up PC with the best top tier hardware. That being said, the creators of Lords of The Fallen have stated that the game will be making its way onto  mobile devices including Android sometime next year. When that will be we aren't sure, and whether or not it will be a port of the original game or a Lords of The Fallen game designed exclusively for mobile as a new game in the franchise is also unknown at this point. However it could go a few different ways, we could see a straight port come to Android but it could end up only on a device like the Nvidia Shield Tablet. It could also end up as a port for all top tier devices just with lower resolution visuals. It's also possible that it could end up a completely LOTF game that is made exclusively for mobile, and that personally seems the most likely. That doesn't mean that it wouldn't be good. In any case, keep an eye out for this one.


Monument Valley's Final Level Pack Will Not Reach AndroidAH Monument Valley

Monument Valley is one of this year's best games, offering striking, gorgeous art styles and graphics with a load of enjoyable and addictive puzzle gameplay. They had recently released the Forgotten Shores level pack onto Android not too long ago, but as part of a special campaign to help fight AIDS and in partnership specifically with Apple they released another level pack exclusively to iOS, called Ida's (RED) Dream. It is because of this partnership campaign for the fight against AIDS for Apple's Project (RED) campaign that we won't be getting these levels on the Android platform. It's sad we know, especially if you loved Monument Valley and have been craving something past the Forgotten Shores levels. Perhaps there will be an exclusive pack made just for Android gamers in the future. We can hope right?

Monument Valley(Play Store)

80 Days Is A Steampunk RPG That Has You Travel The WorldRace Around The World In 80 Days

80 Days is a fresh take on Role Playing games giving you a sort of interactive story to follow while you attempt to help your master, Phileas Fogg, travel around the world in 80 days. You play as his personal valet, and you'll have to manage the finances during travel, keep Phileas's health in tip top shape and make sure you keep a keen eye on the time as you try to stay on task. There are various different means of travel like hot air balloons, mechanical camels, steam trains, submarines and more as you choose your own route and try to beat other players around the world. You can see all the locations of other players in real time and even trade resources for profit. There are over 150 different cities to explore like Paris, Venice, Istanbul, Bangalore and more. If you like immersive gameplay, 80 Days is worth a look.


80 Days(Play Store)

Other Notable Game News:

Snowboard Party Lands On Android

Snowboard Party(Play Store)


Kinto Games Releases Bit Dungeon II

Bit Dungeon II(Play Store)

Half-Life II Episode One Available To All Shield Tablet Owners Via Play Store


Half-Life II Ep. One(Play Store)

Blizzard's Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft Lands On Android For Tablets

Hearthstone(Play Store)


Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition Launches On Google Play

Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition(Play Store)

Secret Files Tunguska Is A Point And Click Adventure With 15+ Hours of Gameplay


Secret Files Tunguska(Play Store)

Club Penguin Is Disney's MMO For Kids

Club Penguin(Play Store)