Android Game News Weekly 12/14/14: Brothers In Arms 3, Scrolls, Inferno 2, Asphalt Overdrive, Ambush – Tower Offense


Brothers In Arms 3 Slated For Launch December 17thBrothers In Arms 3

Modern Combat may be Gameloft's most popular shooter series, but they have another wildly popular shooter called Brothers In Arms, which is due for its third game in the franchise and coming sooner than some might think. This third person shooter takes on a World War II era theme, and instead of having you control one main character you are tasked with controlling yourself as well as your squad, your brothers in arms. Brothers In Arms 3: Sons of War is slated for a launch on December 17th according to Gameloft, which is in just three days. Come Wednesday if you don't have any other games to play and you're a shooter fan, check this one out.

Mojang Launches 'Scrolls' Strategy Board Game For Android TabletsScrolls

If you were a Minecraft fan then you already know all about Mojang. Their next game called Scrolls has already been out for PC for a little while and the popular strategy/board game has finally launched onto Android tablets this week. Sadly right now, there isn't any mention of a compatible release for smartphones, so you'll need a tablet to play this on Android at the moment. The game tasks you with building up your army and taking on other opponents, whether solo through the campaign or multiplayer with friends or random players, and includes over 350 scrolls to collect and use in battle. Use strategy and cunning to dominate the battlefield, trade with scrolldiers on the black market and even enjoy cross platform play as you can play across tablet, pc, or mac. Scrolls is free, and you can grab it at the download link in the Play Store.


Radiangames Launches Inferno 2 Onto The Play StoreInferno 2

Radiangames popular dual-stick shooter Inferno has just gotten a sequel, as Inferno 2 has recently launched on Android and is now available in the Play Store for download for $2.99. The vibrant colors and high intensity, fast-paced gameplay are back bigger and badder than ever. The game includes 80+ levels of atmospheric gameplay with three difficulty levels, dozens of enemy types and tons, and tons of secrets to discover. If you love hurling bullets at enemies and have a soft spot for neon lights, you can check out Inferno 2 at the download link in the Play Store.

Gameloft Updates Asphalt Overdrive With New Cars And More StoryAsphalt_Overdrive_teaser

If you have been playing Asphalt Overdrive you might have noticed the latest update from Gameloft recently, which brings in some new storyline content along with a couple new cars to unlock. A new mode called Joyride allows gamers to drive, and drive, and drive until they're content, which if nothing else would let you explore the landscape around you and perhaps perfect your driving skills in the game, even though this title isn't really reliant too heavy on driving skills since it's more of an on rails type of racing game. The new storyline missions expand the original gameplay, and the two new new unlockable cars are a Renault Alpine and a Lykan Hypersport. You can grab Asphalt Overdrive at the download link in the Play Store for free.


Ambush – Tower Offense Lands On The Play StoreAmbush - Tower Offense

11 Bit Studios Anomaly series may have popularized the Tower Offense genre for Android, but they are now by no means the only game studio offering a title of this game type. A new game called Ambush – Tower Offense has just landed on the Play Store offering up strategic combat and the ability to ambush other players bases. Build up your own Citadel and ward off invading players trying to sack your defenses, and take revenge on players by ambushing their base with your troops. The game includes 20 types of tower upgrades, 20 different battle units and monsters with unique perks, two different battlegrounds to play in and five different types of land to protect and use for gathering/mining resources. There's even a log to tell you who attacked you so you can pick and choose who you want to ambush. You can check out Ambush – Tower Offense at the download link for free from the Play Store.