Android Epic App Battles: Backgrounds HD vs Zedge

One of the best things about Android has always been the customization factor, far beyond that of iOS or any other mobile platform. One of those customization aspects is wallpapers, of which there are millions of choices out there. Not necessarily with wallpaper apps but the wallpapers themselves. Two of the most popular and most used apps out there for wallpapers are Backgrounds HD and Zedge, both which have been around for ages, almost the beginning of the Android existence. So, those are the two apps were pitting against eachother in today's battle. Which one has served you well over the years? Which has the better selection of wallpapers? Who deserves to be crowned king? You decide, then don't forget to vote in our poll on Google+.

Backgrounds HD

Backgrounds HD has been one of the favorites for finding and applying wallpapers to the Android homescreen for quite some time. They have a huge library of awesome looking HD wallpapers, and they make it easy to apply them or simply save them to your device for later use. All the wallpapers are free, of which there are over 5,000+ HD wallpapers from artists all over the world. They're hand picked by the curators of this app, and more are added daily so there's never a shortage but rather only a growing list that just gets bigger and bigger. You can sift through categories like wallpapers with the most downloads, love, animals, monochrome, nature, food, and many more so you can narrow down exactly what type of wallpaper design you're looking for.

Backgrounds HD also only provides HD wallpapers. So there's no live wallpapers to have to scroll through, no extra categories for ringtones, games or anything else. Just wallpapers and plenty of them so you can focus on all the great images that are available. You can crop images right from inside the app to fit them to your liking, mark your favorites and downloaded wallpapers so you can get to them easily without having to search in app again, and if you don't really have a preference and you just want something cool, you can always check out the "what's hot" section of daily, monthly or all-time. You can also use the app to submit your own photos for people to use as wallpapers, forever immortalizing your images for yourself and others. Backgrounds HD is also free itself, so there's no paying for anything you find here.


Zedge is another app that has been around for years and offers tons and tons of different wallpapers(most of or all of them HD)from tons of different artists, all for free. The cool thing about Zedge is that they offer regular HD wallpapers as well as live wallpaper categories, so if you really dig the live wallpapers you'll find plenty of them here. Applying wallpapers in Zedge is easy too as all you have to do is find one you like, then hit the save button. After that you can choose to move along to another wallpaper as the one you just selected is now saved to your device, or you can apply right then and there. You can easily search for what you want with suggestions, or simply browse the latest wallpapers right from when you open the app. There are also categories to browse through so you can narrow down what type of wallpaper design you want just like with Backgrounds HD.

There's a favorites button so you can find wallpapers you like easily without downloading them right away, and there's literally thousands of wallpapers selections too. You can also share wallpapers you like through multiple different apps, and they offer a widget for changing between wallpapers quickly, which is kind of a cool and unique feature if you change wallpapers often. You can also configure settings to change wallpapers automatically which is another feature that comes in handy if you change wallpapers often. Set it and forget it. Zedge is free like Backgrounds HD, which of course is another bog plus.

So, which app do you prefer for getting your wallpapers? Backgrounds HD or Zedge? Do you like Backgrounds HD's wallpaper only setup or do you enjoy having access to live wallpapers, ringtones and games all within the same app? Do you find that one has a better selection than the other of wallpapers you like?

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