Amazon Launch 'Surprise! by Amazon' App For Easy Gift Card Sending


Amazon probably is one of the first places you think of, when someone you know's birthday is approaching. That said, they are probably not the first place you think of when sending out the birthday cards. Who wants to wait for Amazon to ship you a card and then you have to ship it back out again? It's much easier to pop down to your local card shop, buy one and send it. Not to mention, something just feels wrong about sending an Amazon birthday card to someone you know. Well, that is if they are someone you like.

It seems Amazon realised they might not be the first port of call for greeting cards and as such are looking to take on this new (to them) market. As a result, the world's largest online retailer has pushed out a new app in the last couple of days. The app is conveniently dubbed 'Surprise! by Amazon' and is basically a condensed one-stop-shop for eCards. That said, it does seem to work pretty well. The app offers the ability to send digital cards for a number of occasions. What's more, as it is within the Amazon ecosystem, once you sign-in, all your contacts are already integrated and you can simply select a card, select a contact and then hit send.


eCards are not exactly the most personal of sentiments and as such you can jazz your card up a little by uploading and adding images and videos from your phone. Not to mention, as this is Amazon, it also conveniently offers you the ability to include an Amazon gift card if you so want to. Lastly, it is also worth noting as your contacts are all imported, the app can act as a reminder to make sure you don't miss any important birthdays or celebrations. All in all, it is not the prettiest of apps on the market but does certainly get the job done. It is also worth noting that this is a first version app and as such will likely improve over time. If you want to give the app a try then it is available via the Play Store and is currently free. Just in time for Christmas huh!

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