Alcatel Onetouch Purchases The Palm Inc. Trademarks From HP

Some of you may remember Palm, the company that was once regarded as one of the go-to tools for anyone seeking the capabilities of a handheld PDA(yes, we said PDA aka personal data assistant)as they offered up a way for users to get email, browse the web and keep schedulers for all those oh so important dates and events. Palm started as a business tool for professionals, but they quickly became adopted by the mass market and anyone looking for what it offered. Over the years they transformed from a PDA into a smartphone running the WebOS platform, although they nearly went out of business before devices like the Palm Pre and other similar smartphones hit the market due to competitors coming out with Android devices and of course the all mighty iPhone.

Eventually, Palm ended up selling and dying off anyway, despite their best efforts. They were purchased by HP who tried to offer consumers the beauty of WebOS(which was actually a pretty cool platform if you never got the chance to use it)but again, HP's efforts to bring Palm back from the dead in the form of the WebOS running tablets they sold for a time had failed. We would think that Palm is gone, but that may not be the case as it appears they may yet again be reborn under the guise of a new brand. Alcatel Onetouch seems to have purchased the Palm trademarks from HP, which at this point technically means nothing because Alcatel may not have any plans to resurrect Palm at all. At least, not in the way that we remember Palm devices.

For now, Alcatel hasn't made any official statements as to the reasons why they acquired the Palm brand, and it might be a bit hopeful on my part to think that they could be bringing a newly refreshed and revamped Palm family of devices to the masses in the future, but it isn't an impossible notion for them to consider. It's also a bit presumptuous to think that they could completely drop the Alcatel Onetouch name and decide to swap it out for Palm, but then again Palm is sort of a household brand that many people are familiar with and remember, we'd wager to say much more so than Alcatel. For now, we'll just have to wait and see what Alcatel's plans are for the Palm name, if anything.

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