AH Awards 2014: Best Word Game Of The Year

Words games may seem like of the simplest games to play, but make no mistake they can be just as challenging as the toughest puzzle games. They can also be immensely fun especially since many of them allow you to play with others through some sort of online multiplayer or Co-op feature, although not all of them allow this. Whether you like playing word games by yourself or with others though, there's no doubt these tongue twisting word filled masterpieces will keep you coming back for more. Expand you vocabulary and check out our picks for the best Word game of the year.

Winner: Lex

Lex is a wonderful little word game that seeks to not only delight your affinity for language, but it also wants to delight your senses a little bit by introducing some cool features like the kaleidoscope images that appear on screen as you pick letters. It also adds in some breath taking music and adds an element of urgency by giving you a time limit with which to get as many words on screen as you can to form points. The soundtrack is also player generated just the like the imagery, being conducted by every move you make. It includes leaderboards and achievements for those who have a competitive side and love to get a hold of those bragging rights. Think you got what it takes to best Lex?

Runner Up: Synonymy

If you love words, then you absolutely have to check out Synonymy. Instead of tasking you with finding words to put up on a board from a set of letters given to you, Synonymy asks you to to uncover the paths between two seemingly un-linked words by finding the synonyms of words placed in front of you on screen. The words you're given in this game may seem random, but there is a network of synonyms between them that led from one word to the other, and your job is to find them. The game supports multiplayer and weekly challenges where you can compete to set the start and end words added in future updates in the game. It may seem tough if you don't know enough about synonyms, but this would make for good practice and nice little challenge right?

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