AH Awards 2014: Best Android Sports Game Of The Year


If you're a sports lover, than this set of picks is for you. Sports can be a great way let off some steam but sometimes you aren't feeling all that active. With sports video games you can get that same feeling of competitiveness you get from playing a quick game of whatever chosen sport you desire to play, and the best part is that you worry about any sprained ankles or torn ACLs. Here are our picks for best sports game of the year.

Winner: Madden NFL MobileAH Madden NFL Mobile

Madden NFL Mobile says it's the ultimate football action on mobile and we wouldn't necessarily disagree. The game is a fast paced NFL game built from the ground up exclusively for mobile devices, but you'll find plenty of your favorite Madden features from the original console series in this handheld beast of a game. You can build your ultimate team and create rivalries, challenge your friends in head to head shootouts, and you can connect to the real NFL with live updates from events and players. Customize your roster with real players that you collect, manage and upgrade, and see if you can take your team through a full 16 game season all the way to the super bowl and win the championship.


Runner Up: NHL 2K

2K games knows how to make a great sports game, and they have simply scored over and over with NHL 2K for Android. You can play through multiple game modes like 3v3 mini rink mode, or play a full career with a single player over multiple seasons as you earn skill points and build up ratings. There's also a turn-based multiplayer shootout and the game supports gamepads so you can play like you would normally on a console. If you fancy yourself a hockey fan, check out NHL 2K on your Android smartphone or tablet and see if you have what it takes to win the Stanley Cup.

Honorable Mention:

Snowboard Party

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