AH Awards 2014: Best Puzzle Game Of The Year

Sometimes nothing is quite as satisfying as completing a challenge given to you in a puzzle game. The thrill of besting the mind boggling brain teasers thrown at you by the developers can feel invigorating, yet if you're someone who doesn't rage after having a few failed tries, puzzle games can also be some of the most fun games out there and quite addicting. There is a massive selection of puzzle games on Android so no matter what kind of puzzles you enjoy, there's one for just about everyone. With so many choices though it was hard to narrow down which ones came out ahead. Check out our picks for the best puzzle game of the year down below.

Winner: Monument Valley

Monument Valley from USTWO games is really nothing short of amazing, and once you pick it up and play it you'll see why. The goal is to manipulate impossible architecture while you guide the game's main character, a silent princess, a vast array of gorgeous worlds and landscapes. The 3D inspired optical illusions will feed your need for eye candy while try to figure out how to get from one end of the level to the other. The audio also reacts to your movements in the game so playing with headphones is highly recommended. Should you be playing this game on multiple devices there is a cloud save option so you can play seamlessly across devices.

Runner Up: Hitman GO

Hitman GO took the popular Agent 47 and his sinister silverballer pistols and threw them right into the middle of a wonderfully designed puzzle fest. The game challenges you to test your assassination skills by working your way through the game board style levels, with some offering unique challenges to complete for extra points. Some levels include secret passageways and "off-limit" areas, and there are various types of enemies each with their own unique traits and abilities. There are also multiple ways to complete most levels, so while some may be extremely challenging you will have a little more leniency on how to complete it.

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