AH Awards 2014: The Best Music App of the Year


We don't often see a bunch of new music services coming out every year, but this year we saw ones like Samsung's Milk music (which they are now being sued over that name), as well as Beats Music, which Apple has basically killed off. So we'll be opening up this award to apps that got big updates and new features this year as well. So which music app will be taking home the award this year as the Best Music app of 2014? Well let's find out.

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Winner: Samsung Milk


Samsung Milk is a music app that's basically just a cover on top of Slacker Radio. It works very well, and I enjoy using it when I am reviewing a Samsung device like the Galaxy Note Edge. It has all kinds of amazing radio stations and its also free. When it launched it was ad free, but they've since added ads to make some cash. Milk Music is a pretty nifty app, and has all kinds of great features. While it is only available on Samsung devices, you are able to sideload onto others and get it to work. So that's not a huge deal really. Create Stations Based on Your Taste, Create artist or song-based stations to add more to the mix and more to your dial. Customize Even More, Make your stations even better by factoring in what you care about.

Runner Up: Google Play Music

Here at Android Headlines we all love Google Play Music. It got some pretty big updates this year. Including Songza integration as well as YouTube's music key. And with All Access, it's still our go-to music app, but it didn't make it to number one because there's no free version of All Access. I know this might sound petty, but some would love to have the ability to get All Access for free with ad support.


Honorable Mentions

  • Spotify
  • TuneIn Radio