AH Awards 2014: Best Keyboard App Of The Year

AH Awards 2015   Best Android Keyboard App

Keyboards are an important app of the Android ecosystem, as they allow for all kinds of customization options as well as some provide a better user experience than the stock keyboards that are built in to the phones. There are plenty of options out there for everyone, but a few stand above the rest with a long list of awesome features, multiple language support, and overall accuracy and ease of use. Check out this year’s best keyboard apps.

Winner: Fleksy


Fleksy keyboard is one of the younger keyboard apps out there, but it has quickly risen to top of the pile as the best keyboard app available on Android. It provides language support for tons of different languages making it easy for Android users worldwide to utilize all that it has to offer. It’s fast, accurate, and it offers a handful of custom keyboard themes so you can tailor the look to your personal style. You can also alter the size of the keyboard so it isn’t taking up as much space on your screen, or you can leave it at the largest size so you can easily hit every key. You can use gestures to space and delete words making it faster to get exactly what you’re typing, and you’ve complete emoji support with multiple keyboard layouts to fit your preferred use.

Runner Up: Swiftkey

Swiftkey has long proven to be one of the best keyboard apps available on Android, offering multiple keyboard themes for a touch of personalization, learning preferences so you can have it become more accurate by picking up words you use in other apps like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and SMS, and it offers a nifty swiping feature that for many makes it easier to type as you can simply drag your finger across the keyboard to complete words. Swiftkey also offers a large list of supported languages, and it has multiple keyboard layouts too.

Honorable Mention

Google Keyboard