AH Awards 2014 – Best Android Wallpaper of the Year


We love to customize our Android devices and there's no denying that Wallpapers play a massive part of this. With the right wallpaper, we can complete that look we were looking for or get a fresh feel on the devices that we use all day everyday a lot of time. Some of us like black and white photos, some us like patterns, some of us want to see their wallpaper change throughout the day. There's a lot of choice out there in the Play Store, but here are the Wallpaper apps we've chosen as the best from 2014.

Winner: Muzei



Bridging the gap between animated Live Wallpaper and beautiful static wallpapers, Muzei – from the same developer of Dashclock – started off as a Live Wallpaper that cycled through pieces of art every few hours. Now though, there are tons of add-ons to choose from photos from Flickr, and lots of others to give you a wide variety of images to spruce up your homescreen. You can add a little classy blur action, control how often the image changes and more. My personal favorite, Muzei is super easy to use and really flexible.

Runner Up: Backgrounds HD Wallpapers


A lot of the time, high-resolution photographs are what we want for our smartphones and tablets. Finding those images can be a real pain, but with Backgrounds HD Wallpapers, you can find photographs from all over the web and unlike other options out there, you're told who took it and where the image is from. There are a lot of categories on option here, and you can also save the image to use later on as well. Another one of our favorites, this is one of the best ways to get a good-looking image with little to no hassle.


Honorable Mention – Zedge