AH Awards 2014: Best Android Productivity App of the Year

Our smartphones and tablets have never been quite so important to us when it comes to getting work done. We use them for todo lists, our calendars and a whole host of other little apps that help us get through the days and weeks. No matter if you're looking to organize business meetings, remember important things to do outside of work or just make a list of things you need to do, there are tons of apps available out there that can offer you a little help.

Runner Up - Evernote


Many of you will be thinking Evernote is the easy choice for Runner Up, and you'd be right. It's easy, because Evernote continues to show everyone else how it's done. Admittedly, and this is something I find myself, Evernote tries to do too much. There's perhaps too much that Evernote can remember, but once you know how to use Evernote in a way that suits you, it's excellent. It works great everywhere (and I mean everywhere) and it's one of the best ways to never forget anything ever again.

Winner - ToDoIst


A personal favorite of mine, Todoist is a todo list app. That sounds boring, and in reality I suppose it is. However, when you think that the vast majority of how we get things done is through lists and priorities, then Todoist starts to seem more exciting. You can input tasks using human language like "tomorrow at 9AM", you can easily schedule recurring tasks, time-sensitive tasks and more. The Karma system is a neat addition that helps you stay focused and overall, Todoist is easily the best way to keep yourself organized - no matter the platform - and unlike other todo list apps, it's purely a tool for you to do whatever the hell you want with it.

Honorable Mention - Google Keep

Google Keep is an interesting option because it's so simple. Want to make a quick checklist? Go ahead. Want to write more formed notes? Take as long as you like. The interface is clean and it all comes together nicely.

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