AH Awards 2014: Best Android Fitness Tracker of the Year!

December 30, 2014 - Written By Tom Dawson

Many of you will be thinking that getting in shape and losing some weight is going to be your goal for 2015, and while there’s ample technology out there to help us, it’s hard to tell just which is the best option. Many of the fitness trackers out there these days are multi-platform, and your choice really comes down to whether or not they have the range of features you’re looking for. It’s been an interesting year for the fitness tracker, with more releases than any other year, but the best is still the best.

Winner – Fitbit Charge


The Fitbit Charge is the latest from the company that practically invented this whole market, and it’s one of the most fully featured available. With a small display that can double as a watch, an incoming call notifier and a progress tracker while on the move, this is one smart fitness tracker. It knows when you’re asleep, when you’re running and so on, so there’s little need to pull out your phone and mess around. It’s also got a week-long battery life, again making this an incredibly easy to live with device. Not only that, but the Fitbit app is pretty great on Android as well.

Runner Up – Samsung Gear Fit



You know what the major problem with the Gear Fit is? It only works with Samsung products, which is a real pain. Other than that, this is a pretty good fitness tracker. It has a great display which can tell you a lot of information while on the move and the heart-rate sensor can let you know how you’re doing. It’s not too bulky and Samsung has promised a whole range of bracelets for it. A decent all-rounder, the only problem with the Gear Fit is that not enough people can get to enjoy what it has to offer.

Honorable Mention – Sony SmartBand

Sony Smartband AH-4


Sony’s SmartBand is my wearable of choice, but it’s not all that fully-featured. The Lifelog app and idea are both excellent, but Sony’s execution needs some work and it’s not the best tool for those truly serious about tracking their runs and bike rides. However, for those looking to get into shape at their own pace, this is a good choice.