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Our smartphones and tablets have never been bigger parts of how we enjoy music and TV. On Android, things have never been so good, thanks to inexpensive hardware like the Chromecast and Roku boxes, we can send whatever we like (within reason) to our TVs, giving us the option to choose whatever we want to watch or listen to and enjoy it through the best screen in our homes.

Winner: AllCast

You know what's really great about AllCast? It doesn't care what you want to display, where you got it or what format it's in (within reason). As well as that, it works with your Roku box, your Xbox, your WDTV and Samsung TVs as well. It's super-flexible, easy to use and it can help you get your pictures and movies on to your TVs with as little hassle as possible. It's still a work in progress, but with a great developer behind it, AllCast is the universal solution many have been after for years now. AllCast can help you show off your holiday snaps on your Family's TV without the need to mess around with cables, the same goes for movies and music you want to share as well, making it hard not to recommend AllCast.


Runner Up: Plex

Plex is, let's face it, an incredibly powerful tool. However, it's also pretty picky. It's not the easiest media server to get up and running, and you'll need a Windows PC, mac or Linux machine with all your music, movies and more to make the most out of Plex. It's powerful, and works with your Chromecast, we just wish it were easier to set up. A good option for those looking to share their libraries with friends and families across the globe, Plex is a powerful tool, indeed.

Honorable Mentions


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