AH Awards 2014: Best Android Battery App of the Year


This past year, Android devices have experience drastically improved battery life, and in a lot of the major releases this year casual users can get beyond a day out of their devices. However, users that like to use their smartphones and tablets to their fullest, still find themselves getting hit with less than impressive battery life. There's no one app to rule them all here, as the majority of the battle is knowledge. Our winner here understands that all too well, but there are apps that can automate some things for you.

Winner – Battery Widget Reborn




Knowing is half the battle, and Battery Widget Reborn serves to let you know what's eating your battery, how long your device usually lasts on a full charge (to let you know if something fishy is going on) and there's a detailed widget for your notification tray and your homescreens. A personal favorite of mine, I've been using Battery Widget Reborn for a long time, to make sure that nothing has drastically changed when it comes to my regular battery life and to know how much longer it'll be until my phone's fully charged. With battery life, knowing what does and doesn't effect it is they key, and Battery Widget Reborn will tell you everything you need to know.

Runner Up – DU Battery Saver



A lot of automated battery apps out there are all hokum, but DU Battery Saver is a refreshing break from the norm. It offers some of the same monitoring tools as Battery Widget Reborn, but it's not quite as easy to understand. Where this shines however, is in the userdefined profiles for keeping battery usage down. It's clearly spelled out what will be turned off to save battery and you can create a mode with your own set of rules. It's a great tool that doesn't give users the runaround.

Honorable Mentions

  • Snapdragon Battery Guru
  • GO Battery Saver