Acer Add 'Split Screen' Multi-Tasking Feature To The Acer Iconia Tab 8

It was only this afternoon how we reported that Samsung have released a new video for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. This video was promoting the 'Multi-window' feature which is available on many of the newer Samsung devices and most notably, the Note range. For those, that use this feature then they will know how beneficial it can be to use a multiple window approach to doing stuff on a mobile device. This has predominantly become known as a Samsung feature although they are not the only companies to offer multi-window features. For instance, the other South Korean company, LG also offers a similar feature. That said, it now looks like Acer is starting to get in on the action.

If you are an Acer owner then you might find this interesting. A recent update to the Acer Iconia Tab 8 has added in a new feature dubbed 'Split Screen'. You probably will not need too much explaining as to what this feature offers as the name is rather self-explanatory. However, to avoid any confusion the new feature allows the ability to utilise a split screen view. This offers owners of the tablet the ability split their screen into effectively two screens. Using this feature, the tablet offers the ability to view two apps at the same time. So it is handy if you want to reply to an email while watching a video or check something quickly while in another app. Whatever it is you choose to do, this does offer the chance to do the two things at the same time in a more controlled and multitasking manner.

It is worth noting though that the feature is only currently available on the Acer Iconia Tab 8. Not to mention the feature is limited to only two apps. With a name like ''split screen" then it could be presumed that this will always only be a two feature multitasking option compared to the multiple windows offered on Samsung. That said, it is certainly a massive improvement to the one screen view which comes on Android as stock. According to TabTech who checked out the new feature, the split screen function works rather well with no notably lagging issue. TabTech also did note that the individual app screens can be size adjusted if needed. You can see how the dual view looks in the image below. If you are interesting in reading more about the feature or watching a quick video then you can by clicking the source link below.


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