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Sometimes the simplest things in life are the most necessary ones. Every phone inevitably uses a different size SIM card, and it's more difficult than it should be to just get your old SIM card into your new phone half the time because of this. What you need in this situation is a set of SIM card adapters that can take your small, preferably nano SIM card, and turn it into a micro or regular sized SIM card. Many of you will likely be receiving a new phone in just a couple of days when Christmas hits, or during Hanukkah or Kwanzaa (if I missed any my apologies) and inevitably there will be plenty stuck with having to go get another SIM card from their carrier at an inconvenient time or place. Worse off some carriers force you to pay $10 or more for a new SIM card, so why not save the time and hassle by getting a pack of SIM card adapters from Sharpe Innovations for $4.00?



Sharpe's adapters are made with DuPont Zytel 42 Nylon Resin, which means they are a thin, hard plastic that are perfectly cut to fit the size SIM you've got. The pack comes with three sized adapters to use: nano-to-micro, micro-to-regular and nano-to-regular. These cover the gamut of possible combinations out there for what you'll need, so one pack will solve all your SIM card size problems. The adapters themselves are very sturdy and feel like they've last for a long time; there's really no easy way to cut these or bend them out of shape, although I imagine they would snap if you put a little too much force on them. They are also rated to withstand over 250-degree Fahrenheit (121 Celsius), so essentially any place you leave them won't damage them at all, including an overheating phone.

Obviously this is a simple product and there's not too much to talk about, but the quality of such a small thing matters. SIM cards actually snap into place in these adapters, which is incredibly important since you've usually got to slide them in some awkward place behind the battery of most phones. Nothing protrudes or causes the adapted SIM to get stuck in any of the trays I tried, which shows great craftsmanship and measurement. I would highly recommend these to anyone looking to get any kind of new phone, as they are only $4 and could come in handy at any time.  Check out Sharpe Innovations' page to order them.

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