No.1 G2 Smartwatch Now Comes in Gold

December 17, 2014 - Written By Nick Sutrich

Chinese startup No.1 has been making waves over the past couple of months as it continues to launch more and more products that resemble popular ones, but function a little differently. Recently they launched the G2, a smartwatch that looks exactly like Samsung’s Gear 2, but functions a little differently. For starters the watch works on both iOS and Android, a stark contrast with the Samsung Gear 2 which only works with certain Android-powered Samsung phones. The G2 features a number of similar functions to the Gear 2 as well, including the ability to make phone calls, respond to text messages, track health related functions like heart rate and steps taken and more.

Now the G2 comes in two colors as well, the original silver color that the smartwatch launched in, and now gold for those who want an alternative option. The G2 connects to your phone via Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy, so it uses considerably less energy than Bluetooth 3.0 and lower on a daily basis. There’s also a power saving function on the watch itself where it’ll turn on grayscale to save power when the battery reaches low levels. The screen is a sapphire glass, which is considerably more resilient than Gorilla Glass when it comes to scratches and bumps.  This is particularly important on a smartwatch since it’s on your wrist all day and will get bumped or scraped against things regardless of how much you might baby it.

The No 1 G2 can be found on No.1’s website and costs considerably less than the Samsung Gear 2 that it resembles; a cool $85 compared to the $250 that the Gear 2 retails for. This is No 1’s biggest selling point for any of its devices, and thus far we’ve been impressed with their offerings.  For a fraction of the price, you get a device that looks just like popular ones, but still retains much of the functionality. There’s always trade-offs when buying a cheaper product, but check out our No1 Mi4 review and soon the review of the No.1 Plus to see if the trade-offs are worth your cash.