Xiaomi Might Soon Be Worth $50 Billion But Samsung Still Reigns Over Android


The news down the wire yesterday was Xiaomi could soon be worth as much as $50 Billion. If you missed it, then for a brief recap rumors emerging from 'close sources' is that Xiaomi are in current talks to secure funding for expansion. If the current talks go well then the company is likely to hit an estimated valuation between $40 and $50 billion. This is not the first time that the company has sought funding. Back in 2013 Xiaomi was able to secure $10 billion in funding. However, since then Xiaomi have gone to an almost magical level of success due to their combined cheaper (in comparison) flagship devices for both the top and bottom end markets. In fact, their success was so significant that recently they were accredited as being the world's third largest smartphone retailer. Which is no small feat for a company only established in 2010.

With so much praise coming Xiaomi's way they would be forgiven for getting a bit ahead of themselves. Before that happens though and to put their future into perspective. If they were to secure the funding and reach the dizzy heights of a near $50 billion valuation they would still be some way off Samsung who are still clearly the most valuable android smartphone company. In fact, even at $50 billion Xiaomi would not even be worth a third of Samsung who currently have a valuation of $183.5 billion. As such (and for the moment at least) Xiaomi have someway to go before they come close to the android leader. Although with Samsung's current profit worries and their defense from a dual-tier attack from Apple (at the top) and Xiaomi, OnePlus and Meizu at the bottom how long Samsung will remain top dog is debatable.


Xiaomi might be someway off Samsung but if you are wondering how they are doing against the other regional companies then here you go. If Xiaomi reaches the estimated $50 billion milestone, then they will move well ahead in valuation compared to Sony ($21.2 billion), Lenovo ($15.3 billion), HTC ($9 billion) and Motorola ($2.1 Billion). Although Motorola is now part of the Lenovo family, even combined they would not even nearly be near what Xiaomi have accumulated in four years. So what do you think the future holds? Will Xiaomi continue its climb to the top? Will Samsung continue its slow decline? Who will be the future leader of the android world? let us know your predictions.

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