Worldwide Android News 11/14/14 – Chromebooks in Japan, Carrier Billing, the Nexus 9 and More!

November 14, 2014 - Written By Tom Dawson


Carrier Billing from the Play Store Comes to Three UK

AH App Store Updates Weekly Playstore 1.0

If you have a contract from Three in the UK, then you might have noticed a new payment option in the Play Store when you go to buy a new game, some new music or some more coins in Temple Run (we’ve all been there, it’s okay). Basically, what this allows you to do is to put the payment for that £0.59 app or game on to your monthly bill. Obviously this is going to inflate your bill a little, but you’ll be able to keep better track of what you’re spending on apps and such. Great for teenagers where you see the bill and also a way to help you kick your habit of in-app purchases, this can be quite useful.

Opera Mini Hits 50 Million Users in India




There’s more to mobile web browsers than just Chrome out there, and Opera’s Mini browser has reached 50 Million users in India alone. The company has been making a big deal about it for most of the week and we can’t blame them. According to their figures, smartphone usage has risen by 110% in India and we have a sneaking suspicion that Opera Mini had something to do with that. Internet speeds in India aren’t great even over WiFi, so the compression inside of Opera Mini can really help people get online easier and quicker. Opera Software’s CEO, Lars Boilesen, had this to say:

“The internet has the power to transform lives and we want everyone to have access to it. That’s why our browsers are designed to work on almost any internet-enabled device and in the toughest network conditions. Opera Mini’s famous compression technology which makes browsing faster and helps users cut down on their data costs, is extremely relevant for India. It feels fantastic to be embraced by so many Indians and I’m confident that India will play a key role in Opera’s global vision of bringing the next billion people online”

Google Play Store Adds Seven New Countries Able to Sell Apps

AH Google Play App Store Game of the week top 10 games android 1.3


While the Play Store is available pretty much all over the world at this point, Google have taken some time to introduce some countries to the world of charging for apps and games. Now, Google has rolled merchant capability out to seven new countries including: Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, Qatar and Venezuela. For those in any of those regions looking to publish an app through the Play Store, the developer agreement is well worth taking a look at.

HTC One (M8) Now Available in Blue from Carphone Warehouse

One M8 Blue

So, you’ve had your eye on the HTC One (M8) and now you can finally afford it, or you’re finally at the end of your contract and you want something a little different. How about getting the One (M8) in Blue, rather than gunmetal grey, pink or gold? This guy is only available in Blue from Carphone Warehouse and is available on a number of different contracts from different providers. Of course, there’s nothing special here, this is the same One (M8) as it’s always been.

Chromebooks Now Available in Japan



Google’s Chromebooks have been available in the US and the UK for some time now, and they’re now available to purchase in Japan. Sadly though, the choice is fairly limited with only the Dell Chromebook 11 and the Acer C720 available for purchase either from Google’s own site or from Amazon. Both of these are 11.6-inch devices and you might have already heard about Chrome OS as well. Basically, if all you want is an inexpensive machine that’s portable and great at browsing the web and doing everything online, these are great options. Take a look at Google’s website for more info.

Nexus 9 Available in Italy’s Play Store


We were sent the above screenshot by a friend of ours, and now, the Nexus 9 is listed as available in Italy’s Play Store, with the Nexus 6 set to be coming soon. While that’s all fine and dandy, we wouldn’t hold out much hope for a smooth launch of the Nexus 6 in Europe after the poor showing on Google’s part in the US.

LG to Bring Burgundy Red and Moon Violet G3s to Australia

G3 Colors


When LG’s G3 was launched, QuadHD display and all, the Korean giant announced that it would launch in a range of colors. Those in Australia will soon be able to choose from two more colors, Burgundy Red and Moon Violet (which are the last two featured above). The retail price from LG is currently $729 AU, but we expect that to fall a little when it hits Harvey Norman and other retailers.

BBC iPlayer (and the Media Player) Get Updated With Support for Lollipop



If you’re a big fan of the iPlayer on your Android devices and you’ve recently updated to Android 5.0 Lollipop, you’ll happy to know that the Beeb’s iPlayer and Media Player have now been updated to support the new platform as well. Lots of bugs on devices lucky enough to be running Android have been squashed and now you can also play TV shows back at the highest quality on WiFi, 3G or 4G at long last.

EE’s Buzzard 2 is a MiFi Come USB Charger for Your Car

Buzzard 2

For those looking to get a little more internet in their cars, the EE Buzzard 2 might be helpful. It’s a 4G-enabled hotspot that takes power from your car’s 12V port and this one also features a USB port to charge another device at the same time, nifty, right? Well, for £80 outright it wants to be and the data allowances here are pretty awful as well, which is to be expected from EE. You can get the device for free when you pay £15 a month, but you only get 3GB of data with that. Which is pretty useless if you plan on watching movies while someone else drives or keeping the kids busy.