WaterField Announces Custom Outback Slip Cases For The Google Nexus 9

The Google Nexus 9 may just be hitting the market, but that doesn't mean that you won't be able to find some pretty cool custom accessories for the HTC Nexus tablet. Cases in particular are what we're referring to here, more specifically these custom Outback slip cases for the Nexus 9 from a company called WaterField. The Outback slip cases are custom fit for the Google Nexus 9 specifically, and everything is made locally within San Francisco so that WaterField can address the customers needs as quickly as possible and by request. If you want something that will look nice while also protecting your new Nexus 9, give the Outback slip case a look and see if it fits what you're hunting for.

The case is made up of a waxed canvas on the outside with a full-grain leather strap enclosure, and a stiff plastic screen protecting insert to give  the case what WaterField is calling a "sporty but un-pretentious look." The waxed canvas is rugged by design, but as it is waxed canvas it's also prepared to protect your tablet from wear and tear too. Waxed canvas typically is designed to hold up against a little bit of water, so if you're carrying the case in your hand while it starts to rain you should be ok. With that said, the top is only a leather strap so there is still an opening where moisture could get in, and thus does not make the case water proof.

The leather strap is magnetically secured so you should have no trouble keeping your Nexus 9 right where it needs to be until you're ready to take it out and use it. The leather tab at the bottom serves two purposes, as it acts as an impact resistant area for the bottom edge of the tablet, as well as a nifty area to grip the tablet to make it easier to pull out of the case. As WaterField states, the waxed canvas isn't especially slippery by any means, but they designed the leather tab at the bottom to provide a little extra grip for when you're ready to remove the tablet from the case. Aside from the impact plastic to help protect the display, there is also a nice padded liner to protect the rest of the tablet as well. The Outback slip cases are available starting today from the WaterField website for the Nexus 9, and they retail for only about $59.

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