Vuzix M100 Smartglasses Get Certified By The CQC In China


Google Glass are widely known smartglasses which are too expensive for most consumers, but people are aware of their presence, no matter what they think of them. There are other manufacturers which are in the smartglass business but you might not have heard of them, like Vuzix for example. We talked to you about Vuzix M100 smartglasses and the company's partnership with Lenovo back in July. These smartglasses have now been certified by the CQC/CCC and are ready to hit the Chinese market. These smartglasses are now branded as "Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses powered by Lenovo NBD". The company says they are custom tailored for the Chinese marketplace and will be marketed by Lenovo.

These are the first smartglasses that will be available for sale in China, as far as we know, and the company seems to be on the same page. CQC (China's largest certification body) has tested these smartglasses back and forth and they're now certified and ready to go. "We are delighted our products passed the CQC inspection and certification, making the M100 the very first smart glasses to receive this certification for resale in China. This is a major milestone for both our Company and the M100 Smart Glasses. China and the CQC hold very high standards when it comes to approving a product for sale in China with vigorous testing and inspections.  With this certification, it shows potential customers and future partners the integrity of our products from a worldwide perspective. The product offering we created and co-branded with Lenovo was specifically designed and custom-tailored for the Chinese market and we are pleased that it is now certified to be shipped to end customers in China." said Paul Travers, President and CEO of Vuzix.


Vuzix M100 smartglasses have a 16:9 WQVGA display which is equivalent to a 4-inch smartphone hovering screen 14-inches away according to the company. 5-megapixel camera is included for your image-taking endeavors and these smartglasses sport 1GB of RAM. 1GHz dual-core processor is powering on this gadget and it's running Android OS, we don't have detailed info as far as that is concerned at the moment though, the last we heard these smartglasses were running Android 4.0.4 ICS, but the company might have upgraded them in the meantime.. These glasses can pair with your Android device of course and take advantage of your phone's connection and functions. We should have more information soon, stay tuned.

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