Vodafone To Launch Broadband And TV Services In The UK From Spring 2015

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These days, companies aren’t content with having their fingers in just one pie. For a good example of this, you only have to look at the UK mobile network industry, where even retailers and infrastructure providers such as BT(again) are trying to get in on the act. This is also evident in the UK’s TV services industry, where it seems companies are fighting for an ever-diminishing slice of the pie. A couple of years ago we saw the mobile network provider EE launch their broadband product and more recently  their TV services offering, and now Vodafone have announced that they are following suit.

In a recent announcement, Vodafone have stated that they will be launching both broadband and TV services in the spring of 2015 (anytime from March). Vodafone will leverage its Cable & Wireless business fibre network as well as BT’s Openreach broadband network to bring its TV and broadband services to the public. At the moment, its unknown exactly what sort of content Vodafone will offer via their TV product. There are also no details available regarding pricing either. And despite the common saying that this can only provide a better experience for the consumer, it’s unclear just what they can offer that isn’t already being offering by one of its competitors. Sky, Virgin Media and BT  are the big players in the UK broadband and TV market. This means a newcomer such as Vodafone will find it tough going unless they can compete on price and content, as well as performance in the case of their broadband offering.

Whilst it may seem that Vodafone may have left it too late to join the party, it could be argued better late than never. If Vodafone can bring a service that offers value-for-money as well as content in conjunction with their mobile network services, they could be on to a winner. Spring is only a few months away, so we won’t be left wondering for long about what Vodafone will bring to the table. What do you think? Is the UK market too congested already? Or is there space for yet another provider? Let us know at our Google Plus page.