Upcoming Android Wear Update Will Bring Battery Tracking Stats And Brightness Controls

LG G Watch R AH 4

The other day we mentioned some of the changes coming to the Android Wear app interface with the upcoming latest update. Those changes are joined by… even more changes to Android Wear itself, as well as a couple more changes to the app, or rather additions which we’ll detail for you here. First, let’s go over some of what we’ll be seeing that we covered in the earlier post. Among the few key things that we previously covered, the most notable change coming to Android Wear app soon will be the ability to take native screenshots without having to break out the ADB tools. Yes, you’ll be able to facilitate a screenshot of your Android Wear device right from the Android Wear app. Finally. There will also be a function to “forget wearable device” making it easier to pretty much unpair your Android Wear smartwatch from your smartphone.

Now for the new stuff. When Android Wear 5.0 comes around, there will be an option to manage the display brightness on your Android Wear device, this will be located in the pull down menu where you can drag down to silence notifications. This is a rather handy place to put it we think, nice work Google. In addition, the pull down menu will be stationary this time around instead of snapping back up, much like we see on Android devices, and this is because the brightness will be modified by swiping either left or right once the menu is visible, and you can’t very do that if the menu disappears as quickly as it appears.

The new update will also usher in the ability to recover a dismissed notification card on Wear, which may be more useful for some than others but nonetheless it’s something that even when needed very sparingly, is still something we feel was needed and we’re glad it’s coming. Google is also going to be implementing a custom watchface API for developers to take advantage of, and another new feature in the Android Wear app will allow for the ability to track the battery stats on your connected Android Wear device, as well as see what your remaining storage space is from the initial 4GB that is available. The update is still a ways off but we could see it as early as next month which is the goal for releasing it.