UK’s GiffGaff Now Offering 4G LTE for as Little as £12 per Month

November 12, 2014 - Written By Nick Sutrich

4G LTE isn’t anything new to the wireless world, but some carriers are still in the middle of building out their network or just getting it started.  The latter is the case for the UK’s very own GiffGaf, a local carrier that piggybacks off of O2’s network, and while it’s not building out its own network it is now finally able to use the 4G LTE segment that O2 has had for a while.  This delay is partly because of GiffGaff’s crazy pricing scheme in which you can save a boatload of money and still get a good amount of data and minutes without breaking the bank.  Right now GiffGaff will sell you a 4G LTE plan with 500 UK calling minutes and 1GB of data for just £12 per month.  If you need more data it’s just £3 more for 3GB of data total, and if you’re looking to upgrade the whole package to 1,000 UK minutes and 5GB of 4G LTE data it’s just £18 per month.

These prices are pretty ludicrous any way you look at them, and really come out to just a lunch or two for an entire month’s worth of data and calling minutes for what’s likely to fit in most people’s usage range.  The only downside here is that the GiffGaff network is limited to the 800MHz spectrum, so your options are fairly limited compared to some other carriers on the market.  Thankfully GiffGaff offers an easy tool to identify if your phone is compatible with its network right on its site, so hit up that GiffGaff link below and check it out for yourself!