Two Days Ago We Had 'Google Fit' Now We Have Google Getting Fit

You do know today is a special day right? No silly, not Halloween. No, today is actually the 86th anniversary of the first radio broadcast of Calisthenics in Japan. Ah, you see. Now I have your attention. For those of them out there (obviously not you and I) who have not got around to experiencing the wonders of Calisthenics then in short this is a healthy way to exercise without any equipment. Calisthenics largely consists of bending, jumping, swinging and twisting. Kinda like stretching, but as the point of the exercise and not the prelude to exercising. Anyway, Calisthenics has become so popular over the years in Japan that virtually everyone who lives in Japan is aware of it. It is almost at iconic status with even the local major network NHK running daily Calisthenics programming three times a day.

Well it seems there is someone else who also has caught the Calisthenics bug recently. Our little old friend, Google. Yes, with that podgy 'G' and that rounding 'e' it seems Google is starting to feel a little insecure and decided to jump on the Calisthenics wagon. In a rather random video which has gone live on Google's Asian pacific blog it seems Google is taking part in the daily routine and not in the jokey way we tend to associate with Google. No Google is very serious and took all the precautions to make sure they get the moves, filming and even the lighting right. Struggling to believe me? Well, no problem you can check out the video for yourself below.

According to Google, the video is very much in line with the traditional Calisthenics routine. In fact to further add authenticity to the video, Google even filmed in the NHK studio where the daily Calisthenics routine is broadcast from. As Google is rather new to the routine (unlike you and I) they did have a little help from some seasoned pro's who led the routine and also provided the vocal announcing. To be honest though after watching the video, Google still looks to be looking a little out of shape. Word to Google, lay off the candy tonight and save it for the trick or treaters. Right altogether now Ichi! Ni! San! Shi!

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