Top Android Homescreen November 7th Edition: Oh Deer!

November 7, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

This week’s pick is a little different, perhaps not really a little different from some of our other homescreen choices but maybe just a little more quirky, and with a name like Oh Deer! who could really argue that? Oh Deer! was created by an individual who goes by the name Theberge43 on where we found this homescreen design. The setup is close to the way it is on most of our picks, with some app requirements to complete the same look. If you like the look and design of this homescreen setup, be sure to visit the page for this creation on mycolorscreen, “zoom” the image, and hit the love button to show some appreciation for Theberge43’s hard work.

To get started, you’ll need of course, to pick up a third party home launcher, and in this case, Nova Prime would be the one. Although Apex Pro will probably work too as they’re both very similar. Once you have Nova Prime installed, set it as your default launcher and set your number of homescreens to two. You’ll also want to make sure that your homescreen grid is set to 12 x 7. Now you’ll need to download a couple of icon packs, and for the calendar widget shown in the image below you’ll need to grab Today-Calendar Widgets. The icons packs you’ll need are called Difft Icons, which are used on the homescreen in these two images, and Aurelia Icons which you can’t see, but they’re mentioned by the creator as being the icons used for the app drawer. Basically what that means is that the Aurelia Icons are the icon theme being used and applied from the Nova settings, while the Difft Icons are merely installed to the device and used as the icons for the created app shortcuts on the homescreen, so as to match the wallpaper for a nice clean look. Ah yes.. the wallpaper. You can grab that too, which Theberge43 has linked on the creation page for this homescreen at That’s it. Pretty simple and straight forward compared to our usual picks which are a tad more involved with a few more steps. Have a good weekend and happy themeing!