Top Android Homescreen November 28th Edition: Diagonal

November 28, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

This week’s pick is called Diagonal, and like all top homescreen picks we get these designs from talented creators on There are two ways to apply this homescreen style, and we’ll gloss over both so you can choose which ever you way you like and stick with it. You will also need a few apps to re-create this look, and we’ll be sure to tip you off on which ones those are as well. To start, you can apply this homescreen through Themer which is the easiest way. If you have Themer as your third party home launcher, simply install this theme and and apply it. For those that don’t really care for themer and use a different third party home launcher, there is a way to set this homescreen up for you too.

First, you’ll need an alternate third party home launcher if you don’t want to use Themer. One like Nova Prime or Apex pro. Second, you’ll need Zooper Wigets Pro, and lastly you’ll also need to make sure to download Media Utilities. To start, make sure that you have your third party launcher set as your default, then go into settings for it and set your desktop grid to 8 x 6. This is because that’s the size of the Zooper widgets that you’re going to be applying to the homescreen.

Next, make sure you have no margins on your homescreen grid, and don’t forget disable the dock and hide the notification bar. You also want to disable the “show shadow” feature and make sure that you have 4 homescreens added. As we stated each Zooper widget is an 8 x 6 size widget, and there are four of them with each one taking up one of the homescreens you have added. As for the Zooper downloads you need, you can grab those straight from the creator, 21MaRcO12, on the mycolorscreen page which we have linked to below. That’s it, have a great weekend and happy themeing!