Top Android Homescreen November 21st Edition: Streets Of N.Y

November 21, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

It’s Friday and we have a rather cool looking homescreen pick for you this week. As always and like all of our picks, we get our homescreen designs from mycolorscreen where they have a pretty wide selection of different creations, things of all tastes. To re-create this particular homescreen you can do so in one of two ways. The easiest method is to download and install Themer, which is a third party launcher application that allows users to apply pre-made themed homescreens. If you prefer a different third party launcher like Nova Prime for example, than you can set this look up without Themer too.

The Homescreen is called Streets of N.Y., and has a kind of cool city/urban vibe going on. To get things going you’ll need a few different apps, and we’ll go over all of that here so you can get it up and running on your device now. To start, you’ll want to download a third party app launcher like Nova Prime, although Apex pro should work too. You’ll also need Zooper Widget Pro, and Media Utilities for the second and third app. Once you have those apps installed from the Play Store, you also need to download the Zooper Widget files, or the Themer file if you chose to go that route. The theme’s creator, 21MarCo12, has linked to the downloads on the page for this homescreen, which you can access by hitting the source link below.

Now that you have everything downloaded and installed, Make sure to open Nova settings,(or Apex settings if you chose that launcher instead)and set your desktop grid to 8 x 6(8 rows and 6 columns)without any margins at all. Next, disable the dock, hide the notification bar up top(status bar)and disable the “show shadow” option, and finally make sure you have your homescreen number set to 4 screens. The widgets you downloaded are all 8 x 6, so all you need to do is long press on each of the four homescreens, select widgets, scroll to Zooper, and select the appropriate size and widget file. Repeat this step for each homescreen until you have all four set up. That’s about it. If you like the look of this homescreen, be sure to show some appreciation to the creator by “zooming” the picture on the mycolorscreen page for this design, and hit the love button. Have a great weekend and happy themeing!