Top Android Homescreen November 14th Edition: Colors


Nothing makes your homescreen look brighter than a bunch of bold colors. This week's pick emphasizes on that by placing colorful little overlapping tiles on your homescreen as shortcuts for your favorite apps. Just like all our homescreen picks, we grabbed this design from, and you'll need a collection of apps downloaded and installed from the Play Store for you to recreate this look.

To start, you're going to need a third party home launcher application. There are two that usually work for these types of homescreen setups, Apex Pro and Nova Prime. Both will suffice since they're pretty similar and offer a lot of the same features and customization. The second app you'll want to pick up if you like this design is Zooper Widget Pro. This is how you apply the widget files. Which takes us to the last piece you'll need, the Zooper widget files. You can download these from Corrado27, who is the creator of this homescreen and who we have linked to in the source link below.


Now for the setup. It's pretty simple and once you have those two apps installed and the Zooper widgets downloaded you can get started. First, make sure that your homescreen grid is set to 6 x 8. Hide the status bar and the dock, and make sure that your margins are set to none. You can find the options for all these steps inside the settings for Apex Pro or Nova Prime. Lastly for the widgets. There are three widgets total here, one that sits at the top and one at the bottom, and then the big one in the middle which includes the clock. The middle clock widgets is 4 x 4, and the other two widgets are 4 x 2. Just long press on the homescreen, select widgets, scroll to Zooper and select those sizes for each widget and then apply each one to the homescreen. That's it. If you like this design make sure to head to the source page below where you'll be able to grab the Zooper widgets files, "zoom" the image of the homescreen and be sure to hit the love button to show some appreciation for Corrados27's work. Have a good weekend and happy themeing!


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