Top 10 Best Android Wear Apps Monthly - November 2014 Edition

With the G Watch R and Sony's SmartWatch 3 to go on sale any day now, it's no surprise that even more Android Wear apps are appearing. Some of them are baked into already existing apps and some of them are entirely new concepts and little utilities. Altogether though, we have another decent helping of Android Wear Apps for November.

Void Watch Face

We'll start off with something fun this week, the hottest new watch face around. The Void face is well, it's just amazing, really super-great. It even works with 0% battery left on your watch and while the Play Store description for this is disturbingly well endowed, this is a black screen, yepp, that's all it is. I can see people pranking other Android Wear users with this, or you can just wear it on your watch and pretend you know something that nobody else does, oh, and remember. The Void is always watching.


Poweramp Remote 4 Android Wear

So you're one of those people that prefers dedicated music apps, to play your fancy lossless FLAC files and such. No no, that's okay - I won't judge. For those of you that use PowerAmp as their main music player, this little app is a great addition to your collection of Android Wear apps. It's not free, then again shiny things normally aren't, but it features much of what you'd expect and arguably makes much better use of the screens on our these Android Wear devices than the default controls do.

Liip Pomodoro


If you're already familiar with the Pomodoro technique of focusing while you have things to do, then you're probably a superior being that turns lines of text into magical, interactive magic and you didn't need me suggesting this to you. Otherwise, the Pomodoro technique is comprised of a 25 minute cycle of hard, focused work and 5 minutes rest in between each cycle. Liip Pomodoro now works on Android Wear, allowing you to keep track of time using your wrist - imagine that!


Mural Watchface

If you want a little art work to go with your watch face, then Mural is well worth taking a look at. It's customizable, looks good and supports round and square watches, too. It's a little finicky to use right now, but there's a lot on offer here and it's great for those that want to do a little something with their watch face without resorting to something fairly complicated like Facer and co.

Tales of Pocoro - Android Wear


So Flappy Bird and 2048 aren't enough for your Android Wear watch, huh? Well take a look at Tales of Pocoro, an independently developed puzzle game that tasks you with reaching the exit in any given zone. There are 200 levels, extra characters to unlock and the graphics will remind people of the good-old days of Super Nintendo RPGs, where games made you use your brain, rather than a trigger finger. A nice showcase of what thoughtful game design can do and what Android Wear is capable of this is a nice game for Android wear.


Unified Remote


It's pretty much unavoidable these days to come across someone that has to control everything they own from one singular device, and we all know at least one of them. If you are this person, then you probably already know all about this, but Unified Remote now includes support for Android Wear, allowing you to control everything ever from your wrist. If you're new to Unified Remote though, you're in for one hell of a ride, so prepare to become organized.


Wear Notes

Let's say you want to get notes on your wrist, but you don't like Google Keep and you've never gotten along with Evernote. Enter, Wear Notes, which as its name suggests exists only to help you get notes on to your wrist. You can either speak some notes or type them into the app on your phone and they appear as a card on your wrist. This is pretty convenient for notes you need to remember in the moment, like when you're heading to coffee with someone and you need to ask them something, Wear Notes can stick that info right on your wrist, without the hassle of using Keep or fiddling around with another app.


WearMail for Android Wear

While GMail and Inbox work fairly well on Android Wear, every other mail provider is trying to catch up. This was more than likely the big decision to make GMail compatible with everyone else out there, but WearMail is a nice alternative. It allows you to use whatever account you want - including Exchange - and will send notifications to your wrist in a stack, making them nice and easy to deal with. You can open them on your phone or send a quick reply right there from your wrist. All-in-all, this is a decent solution that solves a problem for a lot of users.


Talon for Twitter

Talon might be an app that's only good for those using Lollipop right now, but those adventurous few can get not only one of the best looking Twitter apps ever, with "DAT MATERIAL" and everything, but it's also a good way of getting Twitter on your watch. You can view your timeline, retweet and such from your wrist and when you head back to your phone you get a great Twitter app, it's a win-win all round and a nice show of how good a Twitter client can be.


dMetronome: Metronome for Wear

There's a lot of things that Android Wear can help us do without actually using our phone and now keeping time is one of them. dMetronome helps you keep in time with a set BPM by vibrating on your wrist at certain intervals. While I'm unsure of how accurate this will be with faster songs, it's a great way of learning music without staring at a screen and would be good for beginners building up their speed and rhythm.

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