Top 10 Best Android Games Monthly-November 2014 Edition


Star Wars: Galactic DefenseStar Wars: Galactic Defense

If you love Tower Defense games and you're a Star Wars fan, Star Wars Galactic Defense is right up your alley. This free TD game lets you choose to play as either the light or the dark side, and proceed to thwart the oncoming enemy attacks. You can upgrade your defenses and abilities, fortify your defenses with different tower types, and join up with friends to take on the galaxy with assistance. Star Wars: Galactic Defense is free and you can grab the download from the Play Store link here.

Metal SkiesMetal Skies

Metal Skies is a real-time aerial combat simulator. Fly through the skies and engage in high intensity dog fights as you attempt to rule the air. You can choose from 22 different planes, which you can customize the look of, as well as outfit with plenty of unique weapons and skills. The game features some decent HD graphics and you can play in a solo campaign, participate in Boss Battle events and engage in actioc packed PvP combat. Metal Skies is free, and you can grab the download from the Play Store link here.

Vampire Crystals ZombieRevengeVampire Crystals

The name really says it all, but for those who want to know a little more we'll give you the scoop. Vampire Crystals is a dual-stick shooter, where you play as a vampire trying to take out the zombies who are attacking Creepyland. Controls are said to be easy and intuitive so things shouldn't be too hard to learn, especially for those who have played a dual-stick shooter or two in their day. There's plenty of items to gather and tons of weapons to use against your enemies, and there are many different types of enemies so you'll need all the weapons you can get your hands on. There are two game modes currently with story and survival, and online multiplayer is being added soon. Vampire Crystals ZombieRevenge is a free title, and you can grab the download from the Play Store link here.


Shred It!Shred It

Shred It! is a gorgeously designed papercraft endless runner game where you'll be snowboarding down a hill, seeing how far you can go. All the while you'll be able to perform some amazing tricks, but don't forget to dodge incoming obstacles that will stop you dead in your tracks. You can play multiple characters and unlock an alternate game mode to race against the clock. Runs seem to be randomly generated, which means a different run down the mountain with different obstacles in different places each time. Which should give the game some replay value. Shred It! is free and you can grab the download from the Play Store link here.

Major GUNMajor GUN

Major GUN is an FPS style shooter, but it does away with a couple of things that would have otherwise made it a little more traditional. Like any sort of a story for instance. There's none of that to bog you down. It's simple gunplay at it's best. It also foregoes the traditional controls and skips using a virtual D-Pad of any kind, and instead controls and movement are handled by the accelerometer and on screen gestures, with your aiming handled by moving your phone around like you're actually looking down the scope of a gun, and pulling the trigger is handled by tapping on the screen. You have plenty of guns to equip, unlock, and collect, as well as complete daily challenges for boosts that can be used to give you buffs. There are also missions to complete so things don't get too monotonous. Major GUN is free, and you can grab the download from the Play Store link here.


Miika is a cute little puzzler  with beautiful 3D graphics and gameplay based on camera perspectives, optical illusions and twisted puzzles. You'll play the game as an adorable little creature which looks kind of like a squirrel, as you solve your way through four different environments. The game actually looks like it could be quite enjoyable. You can grab Miika for $1.99 from the Play Store link here.


Secret of ManaSecret of Mana AH

Secret of Mana is probably one of the most iconic RPG titles of all time, reaching popularity heights similar to that of the Final Fantasy series. Secret of Mana takes on more of an action RPG role as opposed to your traditional turn based JRPG type combat, but you can expect a deep and rich story line with epic music, and hours of hours of gameplay. It's actually quite a wonderful little port of the original game. You can grab the download of Secret of Mana for $9.00 from the Play Store link here.

Angry Birds TransformersAngry Birds Transformers

It's Angry Birds with a twist. Instead of the traditional slingshot to take out the pigs, you're a transformer bird attempting to take out the pig bots while running through the stage. Your goal is to blast all the pigs before you reach the end of the stage. You can unlock and collect a roster of heroes and villains to play in game, upgrade to make your weapons stronger, and you can even borrow a friends character to unleash a two-bird assault. Angry Birds Transformers is free and you can grab the download from the Play Store link here.


We wrote about Republique a couple weeks back, as this stealth action game i probably unlike anything else you have played on Android. It features intuitive one touch controls for simple movement and navigation throughout the game, and has loads of immersive puzzles and strategic puzzles throughout the game. Republique is spanned out over five episodes, although only episodes one through three are available currently as 4 and 5 are still in development. You can pick up Republique Episode One for $2.99 from the Play Store link here.


Battleheart LegacyBattleheart Legacy

Battleheart Legacy is an action rpg following the likes of Diablo and Torchlight. You can choose your character, and eventually learn skills that turn them into one of 12 different classes like a knight, a wizard, a bard, a witch, and thief among others. There are tons of quests to complete and quaint, comical little story with hilarious dialogue. The visuals are a 3D, so the gameplay isn't the only thing that takes a different turn from the Battleheart we once knew. As you set out on your quest for for gold and glory, there are 200 different items to collect that you may come across during your travels. You can grab Battleheart Legacy for $4.99 from the Play Store link here.