Ting Rates Among Highest Wireless Providers For Satisfaction In Latest Consumer Reports Survey

AH TingMobile

If asked the question, “how would you rate your wireless service provider?” what would your answer be? Would you say you absolutely love their service and without question would continue to subscribe to what they offer? Or would you throw them under the bus and air out all the dirty laundry and details about why you can’t wait to switch? However you rate your own service, Consumer Reports has done some research on that very question with a survey that contained some 63,000+ individuals(63,352 to be exact), and has found out which carriers are the most highly rated, as part of their annual cell-phone service ratings. The answer might actually surprise you as to who comes out on top.

My first thought when thinking about a survey like this automatically goes to a company like T-Mobile, and I prefer to think that it’s because I have always had excellent service and customer support and because they’re generally known for being rated quite high in this area. According to Consumer Reports, a relatively new wireless carrier called Ting actually came out on top, and Consumer Cellular wasn’t too far behind. Sprint was unfortunately all the way at the bottom of this particular ratings set, with Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, and AT&T all basically tied in the middle. Republic Wireless was also among the top service providers.

As T-Mobile and AT&T continue to advance forward with the technology and plan offerings, they have closed the gap between themselves and Verizon Wireless who had in previous years been at the forefront when it came to overall satisfaction of their subscribers. Unsurprisingly, T-Mobile scored the highest for value between the four major carriers, while Verizon scored high ratings for Voice, 4G LTE reliability, web, and text, or, basically in most areas. AT&T received the highest score for 4G LTE reliability, beating out even Verizon Wireless. It’s hard sometimes to compete with the major players in a game like the wireless industry, but that’s exactly what Republic Wireless, Consumer Cellular, and Ting have been able to do. According to Glenn Derene who is the Electronics Editor for Consumer Reports, “Smaller providers like Ting, Consumer Cellular, and Republic have excellent satisfaction ratings because they’re designing innovative strategies to keep plan costs down for their customers and simplify their service options.” Fast 4G data is great, and 4G data, voice, and text reliability are wonderful attributes, but simple, rudimentary principles like simple plans and low costs seem to really grab customer attention and hold it.