There's A New OEM On The Block That Is Preparing To Launch A Line Of Smartphones And Tablets


It looks like we have a brand new player in the Android game, a new OEM by the name of Linshof. This new OEM says that they are preparing to launch a new line of smartphones as well as tablets in early 2015. What stands out about them is that they promise that said smartphones and tablets will be both high-end and offered at low prices, a bold statement for a new OEM to make.

Linshof has detailed that the high-end smartphones and tablets that they plan to launch will offer "clean Android" with no trial ware, ads or unnecessary drivers installed on the devices. But don't take the words "clean Android" too literally, Linshof says that their devices will still include a custom interface that they have created, so no "stock" Android here folks. As for having Google Play and other Google apps on their devices, Linshof has this to say, "Yes, we plan to, but we are not there yet. At the moment we do not provide customer services, we are just completing our manufacturing process and acquiring new factory capacities." Essentially meaning, not yet, they are currently working on more important aspects of creating a smartphone but they have every intention of getting Google Play and other Google apps included on their devices.

Now what about these smartphones and tablets we keep talking about, are there any specs that have been revealed about them? The answer, thankfully, is yes. Linshof says that their upcoming i8 smartphone and 10-inch tablet will boast an octa-core processor that runs at 2.1 GHz, 3GB of RAM and 80GB of onboard storage. As for cameras, both the smartphone and tablet will have a 13MP rear-facing camera and 8MP front-facing camera. Things really get impressive when you take a look at the pricing of these two devices, the i8 smartphone will cost $360 and the "performance tablet" will cost $380. If these prices actually stick and are what the devices actually cost when released, this will be a pretty big deal. It's almost as if Linshof will be offering these devices to consumers at cost, meaning they will make virtually no money off of selling them. But we will just have to wait and see and have somebody do a proper teardown of these new devices to see what they cost to assemble.


It is really a fantastic thing to see, a new OEM promising such great hardware at such low cost. That paired with the devices unique octagonal shape make for really standout devices, a combination that could really get Linshof some attention. You can get to know Linshof a little better by following the source link below.


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