Target App Is Getting An Update To Help You Find Exactly Where Those Black Friday Deals Are


Its now the middle of the November so you know what's approaching right? No, not Christmas. Something much more exciting. Black Friday folks. Yes, the annual buy-all-you-can in as little time as you can event is fast approaching. Nowadays and largely due to the internet you no longer have to queue up for hours outside a store waiting for it to open just to see what you can get discounted. Not to mention gone are the times when you had to fight your way through the busy stores and hundreds of other black Fridayers.

That said, ordering online has its disadvantages too. No one likes to wait for delivery. If you buy something then you want it now. Right? So how do you balance the want to take advantage of black Friday deals while also fulfilling the need to have it now? Well, Target might well have come up with the answer. It seems their app has received a decent overhaul last week. One of the neat features of the new update is their use of Point Inside technology. If you are unfamiliar with Point Inside then this is indoor mapping technology. In short, it is not too dissimilar from the mapping technology used for driving and navigating although is more geared towards in-door use. Anyway, Target has now employed and integrated the technology into their latest app so that you can easily find your way around Target stores.


The real interesting bit for deal-seekers is that Target are planning to include specific Black Friday interactive maps.These maps will allow seekers to quickly find exactly where published deals are located. So if you are after something as part of the black Friday promotion and don't want to spend time trying to find the item in-store, you wont have to. Hit the app, click on the link and let the Point Inside tech direct you to the aisle and the specific product location. If you want to download the app then head over to the Target Play Store listing. In terms of the Black Friday maps, these will go live "during Black Friday week". So will you be using the new indoor mapping technology? Looking forward to Black Friday? What specifically are you hoping to get? Leave a comment and let us know.

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