Tapet-HD Material Wallpapers Gives Your Homescreen A Material Design Style

Material Design is the latest UI style look coming to devices in Android 5.0 Lollipop, and although most Android devices won't be receiving Lollipop anytime in the next few weeks, there are still plenty of Material Design like elements one can apply to their device to give it a Lollipop style look. Plenty of apps have already been updated to evoke the Material Design style, which uses large splashes of bold, vibrant colors that pop, alongside the implementation of smooth and swift animations, like what we see from the new refresh icon when you drag down to refresh your inbox in the new Gmail 5.0 for example.

One other way you could give your device some more Material Design style is with wallpapers, and an application called Tapet aims to be that wallpaper app to help you achieve your Material Design goals. The app is pretty straight forward, it's a collection of wallpapers that give off a little Material Design flair and add that same flair to your homescreen. Users will be happy to know that the app is free, and free of IAP's. Using the app is easy, as Tapet applies gestures for the navigation to cycle between wallpapers.(swiping up to move to the next wallpaper in the lot, while swiping down to go back to the previous wallpaper)Applying them is just as easy as looking through them, all you have to do is find the wallpaper you like, then tap the large check mark button at the bottom of the screen.

The app automatically applies the right fit for your device whenever you pick a wallpaper, of which there is fairly vast collection. I personally had been scrolling for about 5 minutes before writing this and was still coming up on new wallpapers. Tapet is able to do this because the wallpapers are all self generated, giving users seemingly endless possibilities to choose from. With so many choices, you're sure to find something that you like. If you find something you enjoy but don't necessarily want to apply it as your wallpaper, you can use the thumbs up button to tell the app you appreciate that particular wallpaper, which will then facilitate more wallpapers similar to that design. You can also save wallpapers that you love, and even share them with others so they can love them too. If you don't care for a particular style, you can give the wallpaper design a thumbs down to more or less remove that look from the generated images. You can check out the app for yourself by hitting the Play Store link which is at the source link below.

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