T-Mobile Delays The Launch Of The Nexus 6 To Give Customers The Best Possible Experience

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The launch of the Google Nexus 6 has been no picnic for some users as it’s been fairly difficult to place an order for and get a hold of one. Whether you’ve tried to pick it up on Google Play, Amazon, or anywhere else that it might have been on sale for pre-orders for the past week or so, suffice to say only a lucky few have been able to place orders for the device. National carriers here in the U.S. were slated to start carrying the phone in stores soon, as well as offer it up through their online store and telesales departments, and T-Mobile was one of these carriers, having announced previously that they would launch the phone starting November 12th.

Over the last couple of days we had come to learn that even with a launch of the Nexus 6 on T-Mobile’s network slated for tomorrow, there were still going to be plenty of subscribers and customers who wouldn’t be able to snag one the day of the launch due to a limited number of stores receiving shipment of the phones to sell. Any stores that weren’t scheduled to get them on the 12th, would have to place a ship to fulfill order for the customer and have it sent out through mail, which isn’t so bad honestly. There was even a list that was put out displaying which T-Mobile stores exactly would be carrying the device the day of so you would know whether or not you could buy one if you went down to your local retail location.

Today, T-Mobile has announced that they will be delaying the launch of the Nexus 6 in their stores precisely one week, and will be launching the device in stores beginning on November 19th instead of tomorrow, November 12th. T-Mobile states this decision as being made so they can deliver the best possible experience to their customer who are interested in buying, and if the delay means that they will be able to get stock into every single retail location, we think people probably won’t mind waiting a week. Were you planning on picking up a Nexus 6 during the launch tomorrow? If so, does it bother you to have the launch delayed?