Sygic GPS Navigation Evolves To Embrace New Technology Like Google Glass


As technology continues to evolve, one element which is proving to be extremely adaptive in this new world is that of interconnectivity between devices. Back at Google's I/O event Google announced the introduction of interesting new variants of the Android platform including Android TV, Android Wear and Android Auto. The last two of these are very much in their infancy and over the months and years to come will evolve to coexist as well as individually improve. The benefit of having interconnected platforms is that information can exist in a user's world on multiple levels. A good example of this is with Sygic GPS Navigation.

Sygic GPS Navigation, is as the name suggests a GPS tool, but one which allows for seamless and intuitive directions. As this works through android smartphones it can be used in a variety of different modes and mediums. If driving, Sygic is compatible with the car and can be used in replacing your more traditional standalone GPS unit. Likewise, if out-and-about walking, Sygic can again be used as your personal GPS navigation system. However, as the newer interconnected technology like Android Wear and Android Auto comes to become less mutually exclusive, Sygic has also evolved in a similar sense. Part of this evolution is Sygic becoming increasingly more capable of adapting to the new platforms and technology while providing you with same core function (navigation). Sygic is now capable of interacting and therefore integrating with your car's infotainment as well as other devices using the Sygic GPS Navigation sync system known as 'Sygic Sync'

More interestingly though you can now also use Sygic GPS Navigation and Sygic Sync with wearable devices including Google Glass. If you are an 'Explorer' (as Google Glass wearers have come to be known), then you will certainly need a good navigational system to help you explore. With syncing between Sygic and Glass, your directions can be viewed in-eye using Glass. Not to mention the syncing does not stop there. Syncing between your Sygic GPS Navigation app, your car and your Glass can be realized offering you a full and complete navigation experience door to door. You can download Sygic GPS Navigation for android via Play Store. If you want further information then click here to head over to the Sygic GPS Navigation website.

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