Sprint Lowers Data Access Charges On $80 And $90 Family Share Pack Plans

November 11, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

Sprint has been heavily focused on competing with rival carriers for the support and business of customers, and they have been attempting to do this through competitive pricing plan offerings and redesigning their plan packages with new plans and changing out existing ones by lowering prices. Today Sprint announces one more offering for customers that seeks to provide some great value to those looking for the full package with unlimited talk, text, and data for multiple lines without having to forfeit savings. Sprint’s $80 and $90 Family Share Pack plans now comes with a data access charge(the monthly cost of the data add on feature)of $15 a month.

The $80 plan gets you the unlimited voice and messaging as stated above, and for any lines on that plan it’s $15 a line for access to 12GB of shared data. The $90 plan offers the same deal, but instead bumps users up to 16GB of shared data, alongside the extra $15 data access charge per line for up to 10 lines. For comparison, Verizon’s similar shared data offering is $15 a month with an $80 charge on the More Everything Plan, and AT&T has a lower base cost for their Share Value Plan at $70 a month but the data access charge per line goes up to $25 a month, which easily makes them the most expensive. The Sprint Family Share Pack promotion for these data access prices is only available from November 14th, which is this Friday, through January 15th of 2015.

That’s a decent amount of time to get in on the savings if you’re already a Sprint customer and have multiple lines, but why wait on savings and continue to pay more? Sprint’s promotions don’t end there as they’re still offering their existing promo where a family of up to 10 lines can switch to Sprint and get 20GB of shared data with the same unlimited talk and text as today’s announced promo plans, for just $100 a month after Sprint waives the $15 a month line access charge, which continue to be waived through December 31st of 2015. If you already subscribe to Sprint or are thinking about switching, would these deals have the ability to catch your interest?