Spotify Your Uber: Partnership Between Uber and Spotify Is Confirmed

sptify your uber

Before the weekend there was a some speculation about a possible partnership between the tech taxi service Uber and the tech music service Spotify. Uber had sent out press invites with a musical theme announcing the press conference would include a ‘special guest’. This led to the assumption that Spotify was somehow involved. Well, the weekend has come and gone, as has the press conference and now also the speculation. It was announced this morning that Uber have indeed commenced a new partnership with Spotify.

When one is a taxi service and the other a music service it does take too many stretches of the imagination to figure out what will be offered. In short, you can now stream your music to your taxi ride. In even shorter terms, Spotify your Uber. So when you call a taxi using the service you will be able to set the playlist of your ride. The service will commence properly from November 21st and in the beginning will only be available in ten cities. The bad news for some Spotify customers is that you do need to be a Premium customer to take advantage of the new service. That said, to use the service you will need to open your Uber app. Once open, on the profile page you will need to click the connect your Spotify account link. After this and once you request a ride you will be able to pre-set your ride list. Of course, this will be dependent on whether the driver is a ‘music-enabled Uber driver’. If so, you should see a small music bar appear at the bottom of the app. By tapping the music bar you will be able to set your playlist.

So what do you think of the new service? Are you a Uber and Spotify customer? Is this a good collaboration between the two companies? Do you use one and not the other and will this sway you to sign up to the other? Whatever your thoughts, let us know. In the meantime you can check out the brief video below which further helps to show how the service will work and what you can expect.

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